Umgebungspläne für U-Bahn

Client: Wiener Linien
Project Supervision: Veronika Egger,  is-design GmbH

‘You are here’ surrounding area map re-design and info-graphics for each of  the 98 Ubahn-Metro stations in Vienna, including extended line of the U1 Metro (U1-Verlängerung) and other key intersections/locations. The implementaion of the map has been gradual since 2014. This colossal- project was successfully completed in 2017.

The Wiener Linien projects in particular were designed aiming for minimal cognitive load for the users- in this case the commuters. (The time taken for the commuter to orient himself using the map as soon as he/she alights from the U-bahn.)

Each of the map in the Umgebungsplan project was unique, be it a part of Donauinsel or the heart of Innere Stadt or Schönbrunn. While the core graphic language was maintained,  a unique component would need to be designed and considered with every new map –  such as a transparent bridge like in Hütteldorf, or detailing of the Karlsplatz or the Praterstern junction or when the underground metro line goes over ground etc. All the stations were visited, researched, processed and designed from the POV of the the commuters – does it lead or distract them from the goal?

2017 Update – Umgebungsplan U5 Frankhplatz-Altes AKH

Wiener Linien-Geschäftsführer Günter Steinbauer präsentiert die Pläne für das neue U2/U5-Linienkreuz. Bild: Sabine Hertel

2020 Update – Umgebungsplan Seestadt being updated with new street information.

Hietzinger Festwochen 2017

Client: Stadt Wien – Bezirksvorstehung Hietzing
Concept & Implementation: Dominik Nostitz
Project: Customised illustrations & Brochure Design

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Hietzinger Festwochen 2019
Hietzinger Festwochen 2018

I was approached to completely revamp the Hietzinger Festwochen Brochure design such that it appeal to all demographic, the young and the old in Hietzing – the 13th municipal district in Vienna. The prevous brochure design that the HFW had, was very traditional and we wanted to break that thought. After a lot of discussions, we decided to sketch little elements that would have a fresh outlook on not just the design but also reflect on the mood of the festival.

The final print output was quite appreciated and I was asked to design for the next year as well.

Karlsplatz Wegweiser / Wayfinding system

Client: Wiener Linien
Project Supervision: Veronika Egger,  is-design GmbH

A challenging project whose target was

– to illustrate  the underground-station area with Wiener Linien’s facilities in correspondence to transportation connections on the street above-ground

– to achieve the seamless orientation for the commuters

The project was successfully completed and implemented at Karlsplatz, visible since 2014. Soon after, wegweiser for Hietzing, Praterstern and Hausfeldstrasse were also designed.

Multi-Sensor Info Point at Karlsplatz & Hauptbahnhof

Client: Wiener Linien
Project: Multi-sensor Infopoint (MUSIP Stele) at Karlsplatz & Hauptbahnhof
Project Supervision: Veronika Egger, is-Design GmbH

information in public transport accessible to groups of passengers with limited perception

The ‘Multisensual Stele‘ is anmulti-sensory information post in public transport system that can be accessible to passengers with disabilities.  The MUSIP was designed by Ing. Roland Krpata and developed together with Telereal for Wiener Linien.  In  2012 a prototype was set up in the Hauptbahnhof / Südtirolerplatz Metro station, in 2013.  is-Design GmbH was commissioned to revise the interaction concept and the graphic design.  After which more info-points have been commissioned at Hauptbahnhof and  have been in use since March 2014. The Karlsplatz info-point was then commissioned and has been in use since 2015.



Destillerie Farthofer

Client: Destillerie Farthofer,
With Veronika Egger,  is-design Gmbh
Project: Logo & Label Design

Destillerie Farthofer is an award winning family-owned distillery, est 1867, located in Öhling, Austria.  Inspired by the architectural stonework around their family house and  in appreciation of their tradition of  intricate distillation processes from their very own organically farmed lands, the swirl motifs were created.